Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sting & stung

I’ve had a few stinging experiences growing up, bees, bull ants, green ants & mosquitoes mostly. The bees & ants are great workers & builders [Prov 30:25]. No wonder the book of proverbs highlights the virtuous example these insects continuously display. God’s Creation really is a marvel to behold with lessons galore as the Word brings attention to natures display.

In our backyard at present is a kingdom of paper wasps. These guys are pretty peaceful normally but get just a bit too close & a warning & defence system comes into play. I still remember the first time I started running back towards the house wondering what had happened to my face. It was a bolt, or several from the winged battalion aimed particularly near my eyes. Once the pain had subsided I went back to investigate the area & found a small construction nestled close to a star post with wasps on guard. This time their structure is suspended from some barbed wire & more easily sighted thankfully.

And another paper kingdom & stings


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  1. ...And you went back for the picture. Whatever we're paying you its not enough!