Monday, 17 March 2014


Laugh out loud   or   light of Life

Kevin de Young had a good post on St Patrick yesterday. The devolution of modern thought (or spiritual blindness) that turns many things into an excuse for a thematic drinkathon, Classic Corinthianism [1 Cor 15:32]  at the expense of being enriched by historical Christ centred accounts. Although Patrick appears not to be the life of the party & a little over dressed, having the joy of salvation & a concern for the lost means he was on the right track according to Jonah & Jesus.

Patrick, says Fletcher, “was soaked in the Bible.” This was commendable, but not completely unusual. What was new was Patrick’s embrace of the missionary mandate to lead the nations to Christ.
Patrick’s originality was that no one within western Christendom had thought such thoughts as these before, had ever previously been possessed by such convictions. As far as our evidence goes, he was the first person in Christian history to take the scriptural injunctions literally; to grasp that teaching all nations meant teaching even barbarians who lived beyond the border of the frontiers of the Roman Empire. (86)


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