Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Worthy of all praise

A call to worship.

Oh Alleged Big bang in long ages past, our hope for years to come


May your logic always rise to meet you
May you always be on the religious back

The secular prayer

Oh great & glorious humanity, I am amazed at just how intelligent we are, 
how clever & advanced, reaching the pinnacle, the apex, predator of predators,
 the fittest of survivors unbound by morals & absolutes. 
It is degrees of degrees that we pursue, 
human logic that cannot (usually according to logic) fail.

And the media said Amen

Although we are a fallen & broken humanity filling page after page with tragedy,
 betrayal & deceit we have no need of comfort or redemption. 
Yes we complain, moan, whinge & fight but we shall overcome, 
we shall survive…ironically, as long as we go on we shall survive, 
we live in faith that we shall overcome….as long as we go on we shall survive.

And the media said Amen

Although everything around is vastly huge we think we’re pretty impressive 
even though we don’t really know what caused it all to happen. 
Yes we have made a few mistakes along the way 
but not as many as those religious folk 
with their crazy ideas of a supernatural Creator & redemption in Christ. 
Yes we have had to change our facts on a few occasions 
& a few more occasions but we have faith, 
a confidence in ourselves to control 
& manage by the intellectual elite.

And the media said Amen.

Last song

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah hallelujah,
Hallelujah hallelujah
It’s a broken human hallelujah
A downward spiralling broken human hallelujah


Praise humanity from whom all enlightenment flows
Praise the apex predator here below
Praise humanity above the heavenly Host

Praise Darwin, Apes & missing links.


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