Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Unchained Spiritual

Wade in the water is a Negro Spiritual song that finds biblical roots in the books of [Exodus14] & [John 5:1-15]. Released from the oppressive hold of sin & misery by divine power… Christ has declared it to be so, in Christ we are the redeemed, the price has been paid.[Heb 2:12]

In our new found freedom & the gift of the Spirit, we need no longer bow to the oppressive nature of earthly doctrine which seeks us to conform to its 24/7 rule of self rather than its love of God. Our walk is now heaven ward, there is no joy in going back. Like the psalmist, we do struggle, yet God walks with His children each step of the way. As is with a mighty ocean, God is all around.

Wade in the water…Wade in the water children…Trust in the Lord and…Wade in.




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