Friday, 14 February 2014

Shaken, not stirred.

General consideration with a bit of a snub to those not offering consensus

This house appears to have no foundation or no anchor, it’s a great picture, futuristic but possible. Scientology & scrub the decks, Photoshop engineering at its alluring best, we will get to the practical applications later but for now be amazed be impressed. Nothings gunna stop us now.

Now climate change is meant to bring more erratic & volatile weather patterns & severe storms but never mind that for now, be amazed, be impressed, we've got the rising sea level stuff sorted... There is still a bit of detail missing in this apparent solution of relaxed living & home decor 007 style, how will the story really unfold in comparison to the predicted outcomes.

Pie in the sky, the deep purple sky, Dome on the water, or man the life boats.

From the movie: The Spy Who Loved Me
Home James, & don't spare the sea horses


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