Saturday, 15 February 2014

Pandemonium, more pandemonium & submission

Habakkuk…He is known only by name & was a prophet of Judah. His heart cries out to the Lord regarding injustice & unfaithfulness. God in turn replies that iniquity/sin/wrongdoing does not go unnoticed…far from it.

It seems an honest thing to me that a Nations holy book would testify to so many transgressions. There is no delusion regarding human & sinful nature here. Journalists of the day almost, they purport to tell it how it is, but their source is the God of Abraham & Creator of all. There is a prophecy & it is not pretty, destruction is on its way.  [Hab 1:8]

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The nation had not loved God or their neighbour, exploitation was the name of the game, the law of the jungle had replaced the law of God. Now the prophet is informed of a coming doom, it’s another dark moment for the historical account & Spirit born Scriptures. God had continually warned His people through the prophets. Patient as God is, he also follows through on His covenant.

Though the darkness of the terrible news shakes Habakkuk greatly, his heart remains steadfast, God is trustworthy & in Him alone is strength & deliverance. This is not a brash or bold “bring it on” this is a humble reliance & submissive attitude to a Holy God.
 [Hab 3:16] Though the outlook appears  bleak & barren, we too are encouraged to live by faith & trust in the God who still provides daily for all our needs, whether days be evil or good.



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