Saturday, 8 February 2014

Forever Young...not

Sochi 2014 & remnants of Sochi,

A time for every activity & season [Ecclesiastes 3:1]

Snowboarding is pretty cool as long as you are dressed warmly. 
When things get a bit quick it’s easy to lose control & slide out. 
Carving is a skill that utilises the edge of the board 
& helps to keep control & direction along with body position.
 If you want to get to your destination 
then much focus is needed on the journey,
 it also pays to keep your eyes fixed where you are headed.

In the 70’s when I was a teenager & my body more easily matched my dreams of physical attainment we had a slalom track marked out of chalk on our suburban street. It was U shaped with two slopes. We would have time trials, lookouts for traffic & much practise. Skateboarding was all the go, we even got into making our own decks with fibreglass ( I loved that smell) thanks to some older boys being in the know. We could rattle off names & inspect the impressive advertised products in the magazines & at times make a trip into the city to checkout wheels, bearings, trucks & decks….skin grazes were in with board shorts, T shirts & bare feet mostly...helmets were non existent, it was wind in your hair & all that.

Another time, another place (Dire Straits/Lady Writer)
1979 ish...

Orange...moderate slope
Yellow...fairly level
Blue...the treck up the hill to do it all again

Stay cool, stay upright
 cos ya cant stay young
 no matter what clothes you wear. 

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