Friday, 3 January 2014

Wat's on TV

Generally speaking...

Religious = Dumb + Scientific= Intelligent, that’s the way it is apparently if you believe all the rumours. So what happens when someone is religious & scientific…well that depends but it usually pans out like this…anti-religious = intelligence whereas religious = dumb if you believe all the rumours & claims of evidence & facts which may as well be rumours for all their assertions.

Sadly much of the science is speculation with a pre-ordained narrative… anything that is likely to fit the story is shaped to fit & what doesn’t is kept pretty quiet. Often the story telling is graphically animated with a quick reference that diverts widely away from the clear & present behind the scenes controversy & thus we are led to believe the rumour…

religious = dumb + scientific = intelligence.

Of course things are not always what they seem, there is much more than meets the eye, many a detective will tell you that & so will a religious person…its elementary, 21st century elementary.

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