Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Schools in for summer

Back to school is a bit different to beginning school for the very first time, schools & education sure have changed over the years too.

My first steps in new shoes & a uniform were in a public school starting in kindergarten. I don’t remember much at all but I have a school photo to prove I was there, tiny in form, but probably carrying high hopes for my excited parents. Somewhere along the line I & others would discover my genius (my dad thought so) & the world would go out if its way to make the most of it for me without too much hard work. After all that’s the way it had been for the last five years or so…long live uniformity.

Sadly not every child gets the benefits of a hard working family or loving parents & many carry the scars to prove it. As stories unfold of families, institutions & terrible abuse it takes a lot more than packing up your troubles in your old kit bag & smile, smile, smile.

The experiences in this world can cause many a tear & heartache & as we see, humanity is weak & corrupt in more ways than one. Jesus also experienced a brutal lashing & the failure of a human justice system.
(Isaiah 53:7.)(Luke 22.)

The blood that He shed opened up an avenue of healing that leads to greater things than this world can ever hope to offer, the accounts recorded in Scripture assure me of this, the disciples were convinced of it also…Jesus is the good teacher & the good shepherd.
(Psalm 23.)

Honour your father & mother

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