Monday, 6 January 2014

How long is a piece of DNA

It’s in my DNA, It’s in our DNA…it is becoming a common phrase these days. This could be talking about a personal situation, a shared human experience or even a non - human experience. In a poetic sense it could be taken even further.

It has been claimed that our DNA sets us closely related to chimps only to be found out that turtles & bananas are up there as contenders. Percentages can be deceptive like many stats they don’t tell the entire story or give a true context. (peel back a layer)

Although created by God the Spirit, wether male or female we bear His image, albeit a corrupted image after the fall & curse in the beautiful garden created by God for our enjoyment that we might know God, human intimacy, animal management & the bounteous garden.

So we share many things on this earth but still retain many things unique that set us apart within our kinds as God intended.

Beautiful visual interpretation of a fruit/banana tree


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