Wednesday, 22 January 2014


As messy & as junky as the items in these three images appear to be there is not one item that does not exist without design & purpose. You may not know what each item was used for but each holds a specific time, place & purpose. Like the hairs or lack thereof on our head, there is nothing accidental or random about these items. Even the fine particles of dust, dirt & mechanical wear & tear must abide by the greatness & mighty power of God which is immeasurable & unfathomable by merely human measures.

Our hands hold many things…Gods hands hold the whole world & universe in its grand arrangement. He has given us a share in this world & in His image that we may have begun to fathom His awesome being & infinite wisdom. To truly be restored, inside & out, the one eternal God models the Saviour & says build your life on Him.

See. God the Father/ Lords day 10


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