Sunday, 19 January 2014

Green is Good

In the church & because of Christ we are to consider one another better than ourselves but that doesn’t mean the minister is going to ask you to do a sermon any time soon. Our cohesion is more about humility & sacrifices whatever role we may be given in the church community which is the body of Christ.

Blessed are the peacemakers is less about a circle with a birds footprint in the middle & more about Christ & his example of humility. The moment we seek to walk this path is the moment our old nature & the Devil will try to reverse the situation & the duel will begin…welcome to Screw tape Inc. C.S Lewis may say. God gives us the heads up in this regard, but sadly we can take His instruction in the negative like a laborious music lesson or educational homework…really God, really? God wants what is best & we often want what comes easy but easy isn’t necessarily sharp, clear & distinguishable.

To be heard clearly we need to hit the right place, to hit the right place we need to know what distinguishes one place from another & practise is a great help in this regard, it matters & people notice. It’s not easy being green someone or something once said but you have to start somewhere & do the best with what you’re given.

Large tree frog on a cane chair

Small tree frog on a Bangalow Palm flower.

& in keeping with Country Music week, 
green things, duels & a fallen tree in the forest...


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