Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Baptism of fire

National Geographic have an article on the dove vs crow & gull incident. I think there is much more to this than the dove being white. I recall a lecture from my art days where the eye detects movement in the first place...not colour(?) 

Crows are very brazen & seem to like a bargain....

Birds have pretty good eyesight anyhow. I am thinking more in terms of territorial behaviour mostly, common to all manner of birds & if food is scarce humans & animals will behave in a similar fashion.

The main reason I put this intro in is to take the Sons of an Arky post a bit further.

Like a changing slide with effects, all living things that once enjoyed life are now dead & scattered by the power of a water world, carried here & there to decay into a bed of blackness. The ark alone holds the sound of living things. After the terror & tragedy of the catastrophic deluge which came from the judgement of God a new beginning is heralded for Noah & his family.

A window is opened & a pair of aged hands releases a raven, it spreads it wings & takes to the sky, finding no resting place it returns. The same is done with a dove & by & by it returns with an olive leaf, released once more the dove does not return.

In one way things are getting back to normal yet evil still exists in the soul of humanity & in the prince of the power of the air. With God we see judgement & it is severe yet God also displays mercy in the keeping of Noah, his family & the creatures.

God resumes a relationship that was on the rocks, God abides & God redeems because He is God & God is love. He gives much more than he takes. He gave His life that we might live. 

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